Housing as a Strategy for Poverty Reduction in Ghana

Even though housing is a basic necessity of life, more than half of the population in Ghana live in poor houses where they have no access to adequate sanitary facilities, water and warmth to meet their daily physical needs. Adequate housing is one of the effective means to alleviate poverty because shelter is usually the most expensive item for households.


Property Tax Regimes in East Africa

This report reviews the Property Tax Regimes in East African Countries namely Kenya, Uganda  and Tanzania. The three countries are all former colonies of Britain and have had different development experiences since their independence and still have different bases of property taxation (more…)

Future Saudi Cities Programme

Problem Statement The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing a rapidly growing urbanization due to demographic, social and economic growth in the country that resulted in an increase in the number of cities to reach 285 Cities in the year 2014. Support provided by UN-Habitat The Future Saudi Cities Program Read more…

Revitalizing Nairobi’s railways

Problem Statement There was an overall lack of economic development of the area around the railway station area in Nairobi Support provided by UN-Habitat Technical assistance was provided to Kenya Railways for developing a comprehensive strategy for the development of the area. The attempt was to show that an integrated mobility Read more…

World Bank: Promoting bankable PPPs in Brazilian municipalities

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) in Brazil have been around since 2004 when federal legislationestablished the legal framework to make them possible. Since then, approximately 100 PPP contracts have been signed in Brazil, totaling almost 160 billion Brazilian reais ($50 billion) in private investment in numerous sectors, including hospitals, schools, public lighting, sanitation, solid Read more…