Urban development initiative for the northern expansion zone of Port-au-Prince

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Problem Statement

In Haiti, Canaan is an area to the north of Port-au-Prince where many households resettled after being displaced in the 2010 earthquake. It has grown rapidly without planning and with lagging infrastructure and services. Economic and environmental challenges are pressing with extremely high unemployment, constrained water supply, poor soil, and poor housing construction that does not meet earthquake safety standards.

Support provided by UN-Habitat

UN-Habitat is building the capacity of local leaders to appropriately budget for and coordinate investments toward well-planned and economically beneficial outcomes. This financial planning component will involve working with the planners to develop cost estimates and phasing of planned infrastructure and service improvements, including a set of catalytic projects. Financing mechanisms will also be recommended.


The Urban Economy Branch has compiled a list of basic infrastructure costs and done a rapid assessment of the costs of plan implementation in Canaan. This is included in the Urban Development Plan submitted to the government and donors.

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